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Strawberries! aka THE CROWD PLEASER!

This design was the reason I stayed up until 5:30am! Never again! 🙂 However, this design has received, by far, the most compliments of any of the designs I’ve done!

Color Info:

  • Pink– Gelish “Gossip Girl”
  • Black– Gelish “Black Shadow”
  • Green– Gelish “Amazon Flirt” and “The Great Google Moogly” and regular green polish underneath

Nail Tools

Just thought I’d share some of my favorite nail tools with you. I have some of the most amazing brushes and dotting tools. If you are interested in buying nail tools these are the ones that I would recommend.


MASH Professional 15 piece Nail Art Brush Kit Set
 (Every brush you could possibly need! These are seriously a steal. Good quailty brushes in an expensive looking case.)

 Dotting Tools:

5 X 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen Set for Nail Art Manicure Pedicure
5 X 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen Set for Nail Art Manicure Pedicure

GOOD LUCK and I hope that you enjoy them the way that I do!

Vintage Rose Design

Color Info:

  • Greenish/Blue– Gelish “Sea Foam”
  • Pinks– Gelish “Exhale,” “Pink Smoothie,” “High Voltage,” and Gossip Girl” 
  • Green– Gelish “The Great Google Moogly” and regular green polish underneath


Tigger Nail Design!

This design was requested by my friend Rebecca. She found it on the cutepolish youtube channel. I was so excited to do it not only because it looked cool, but also because I had all the colors (and they are colors I don’t get to use very often)! This was her second gel polish application and her nails are already getting so long and looking so beautiful! She’s amazing and doesn’t peel or pick at the gel. Her last gel manicure lasted 3 weeks! Go Rebecca! (Oh and go me for being able to do this awesome design…I can pat myself on the back once in awhile, right?)

Color Info:

  • Base– Gelish “Ivory Coast” and “Simply Sheer”
  • Tigger- Gelish “Copa Cabana Banana,” “Tiger Blossom,” “Close Your Fingers and Cross Your Eyes,” and “Black Shadow.”


I know some of you think I’m really creative and artistic but I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m not! I’m just a big ol’ copy cat. I get most of my designs from other people on youtube or google. My favorite youtube channel is: This girl is amazing and has great simple tutorials!

Up in the Blue with Black and White Flowers

With a dotting tool flowers are the easiest design to do! (and so classy too!)

Sparkly Nails with Simple Geometrical Design

I love the baby hands in the background. So cute!

New Years Nails!

This design was perfect for New Years. I love the martini glass. The little cherry at the end of the stick was my mother-in-law’s idea. Little touches like that make a design so special!